Hey Shayla, Goodbye Living on a One Way

I can’t believe it. Living on a One Way started in 2015 when I started traveling the world full time. I went from Arizona for a bridal party, to Costa Rica to work in a surf camp and lead a yoga retreat, Tahoe for a wedding and found work repairing yurts, over to the Appalachian Trail to work in a hostel then down to Puerto Rico to work in a hotel. I lived in Nicaragua running pub crawls and lead another yoga retreat then went over to Greece to work with refugees. Seth and I did #vanlife in New Zealand, Ireland, and along the west coast with Seth.
I’ve gotten paid to host videos in France, Australia, the Philippines, and in California! Burning Man, Machu Picchu, a season in Alaska.

Now I’m on my biggest adventure yet. While “Living on a One Way” is still fitting, after all Motherhood is all about a one-way ticket and always moving forward. It makes more sense to me to close the chapter of Living on A One Way and start a new one with HEY SHAYLA … it’s actually (strangely) a bit emotional for me.
It’s a closing of a chapter, deep reminiscing, and pride.

I am so proud of myself for everything that I have done in those 5 years.
I am so enamored with the people that I was able to meet living in their passion.
I’m proud of my commitment to creating content, and just the fact that I DID IT.

But this, this new adventure that I’m on?
HEY SHAYLA, this is going to be the best one yet.
My entire life has been practice for what is to come. I have learned to be adaptable, optimistic, to be open-minded, nonjudgemental. It has all come to this pinnacle and I could not be more excited.

I will be changing everything to HEY SHAYLA moving forward.

How will HEY SHAYLA be different than Living on a One Way?
In some ways it won’t. What you’ve seen the past couple of months since baby has been born, is what you’ll see.
There will be a blog with each video posted to get the resources mentioned, there will be an email that goes out to let you know about giveaways when I partner with brands or a roundup of recent videos.

Being a mom is… a whole new ball game and holy smokes there are 5 million ways to do something “the right way” I want to provide a place to learn something new and hopefully giggle in the process.

Thank you so much for reading this far. The switch is a bit emotional for me because part of me is not ready to give up that life. The other part is ready to take this on and share all the things.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

xo Shayla

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