How to find unique baby names

I’ve never named a child in another time so I can’t be sure, but it seems we’re all out name hunting for the most unique name we can find without being TOO out there.
I don’t know though, I don’t think when parents named their daughters “Ashley” in the 80s they expected 5 characters on Recess to have that name.
Seth said even when you think you’ve chosen a new name it’s like buying a car… (I was confused and intrigued as to where he was going with this). He said in both cases you always see WAY more of whatever you’ve chosen because you’re looking for it.

It also seems that so many people want to name their child a name that could be its own brand (they might even swoop up the handle on IG too)… tell me I’m wrong.

However, the trend that I am LOOOOOVING right now is using a Surnames or last names as boy’s first names! I actually went back in my incest family history to see different surnames and maidenames!

In my Girl Names Blog I mention a few things to look for before naming your baby like how to choose the right syllables for their first last and middle name! So go check that out if you’re interested in things to consider when naming a baby!

We were originally told that our daughter was going to be A BOY! Blog about that here. So we came up with a boy and a girl list. But even if that didn’t happen I think it’s pretty common for most couples to have a boy and a girl list.

It’s different naming your second born than it is naming your first. For your second born you need to consider how it sounds with the first! I’m not totally sold on them both having the same letter, I think that’s how you end up with running through the family roster when you’re yelling for one kid!

A couple of things that I do to find different names are:
– Going through our family tree and findng last names like I mentioned above.
– Searching “Boy names from 19XX”
– Cities in X country that you and your partner have traveled to
– Boy names with X syllables
– Last names for boy’s first name

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