Easiest Cloth Diapering Strategies (even your partner will approve)

We do a cloth diapering method I’ll call “Cloth Diapering 80/20”
I basically just made that up right now, but it just means in a day we do 80% Cloth 20% disposable (at night). I wanted to make this to share with you that YOU CAN DO THAT TOO. You don’t have to be full blown granola to do cloth diapering.

We waited until she was 3 months to start (I was intimidated).
I got mine of Facebook MarketPlace.
We still use disposable wipes because I haven’t taken the time to figure out the reusable wipes… though I need to because I think it would be easier.

I wanted to do cloth diapers for 2 reasons: the environment and $$$!
I can’t believe how many diapers we go through in a day let alone a week, month or the 1.5 – 3 years it takes for most kids to be potty trained!!
These cloth diapers will last from 8lbs until your child is potty trained!

I will say, I do use a lot of water washing these (rise cycle, regular cycle, rise cycle). Pick your poison I guess?

Okay let’s start, how easy is this really?
I think the hardest part about cloth diapering is STARTING, there are a million kinds and they’re expensive!
HOWEVER, once you do get your system you’re smooth sailing!!

We use I personally chose these diapers (and got them second hand) because they seemed like the easiest!

This is what you need to get started (with a breastfed baby):

All in One Diapers

These diapers will run you about $20 a pop!! And the magic number seems to be 24. THAT MEANS to get yourself enough you’ll be spending $480(ish) on a brand new stash. Or you could get them second hand (that’s what I did) and it cost me about $200 for 24!

Wet Bag liner

These wet bags are great for containing the diapers, you are also able to also throw the liner in the wash!

You’ll also need some soap (and I also wash with vinegar) I’d recommend a natural sensitive non fragrant one bc it’s so close to baby’s sensitive areas. But that’s it, get your “lot” of diapers and the wet bag for your trash and you’ll be up and running!

However, if your baby is formula fed or is eating solids already you’ll have to up your game a bit and also grab either a spray or a liner:

Spray Pal Cloth Diaper Sprayer and Splatter Shield

We need to get this soon, but haven’t yet. This sprayer just hooks up to your toilet and seems super easy! The pail is also great to prevent splashing and make it even easieer!

Diaper Liner

Again, I have not used these but the other thing you can use once you start feeding your baby or if they’re using formula is a liner. The idea is the liquid goes through but the solids stay in the liner, you grab it and you throw it away, some are even flushable!

Once we start with solids I’ll be giving you an update but I hope this was enough to get you started!

I mentioned my “guru” a few times in the video. She is a friend who has been cloth diapering for over a year. She also gave me this article about making your own cloth wipes!

xo Shay

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