Breastfeeding: What you need to make it easier!

It’s actually 9 things you need… not 7
I hope that’s okay.

Breastfeeding !

Breastfeeding is one of those things that you think would be so natural but WHY?!? WE HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE!!

These are my top 3 tips for starting out the breastfeeding journey on the right foot:

1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE talk to a lactation consultant in the hospital or at your pediatric appointment about breastfeeding.
Why WOULDN’T we ask for advice?! I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about a real life professional. There is so much help for us in the hospital, with our doctors and our baby’s pediatrician! Support can make all the difference in the success of our breastfeeding journey! The tips they gave in the beginning made all the difference.

2. Latch in the Golden Hour:
If you can we know labor and delivery is wildly unexpected try and attempt a latch within the golden hour apparently your boob releases a liquid that smells like amniotic ludi and your baby is attracted to it!

3. Commit to two weeks
If you really want to give this breastfeeding thing a go… give it two solid weeks. That will give you enough time for your baby to gain the strength and for your nips to recover! It can be brutal (but again talk to a lactation consultant because pain can be severely minimized) .

Now lets get to the things you will be glad you had and the things you can leave:

1. Haakaa IS👏 A👏 MUST👏

I have a whole freezer full of milk and I have never used an electric pump!
While baby is nursing I just throw this on the other side and it catches the let down! I used to get 4oz in a feeding now I’ll usually get 1-2oz.
I’d recommend this is with the suction on the bottom (to stick to the table) and the lid. I don’t have the lid and it would be great for when I’m out and about… or even just on the couch.

*How I store the milk.
1. Fill the Haakaa while breastfeeding.
2. Transfer milk from haakaa to a bottle in the fridge.
** Apparently you’re not supposed to mix cold breast milk with warm breast milk. So the next time you pump you’ll put a second bottle of fresh milk in the fridge. Once they’re both cold, combine them!
3. Once you’ve collected 4oz transfer the milk in the bottles to storage bags for the freezer.

2. Breastmilk Storage Bag

It doesn’t really matter which brand you use but these are the ones I use. I like them because they can stand up while you fill the milk but then lay flat to freeze.
When it’s frozen flat it’s easier to store AND will thaw out faster when you need it!
I was also told to store it in 4 oz because when you thaw it out if baby doesn’t drink it you have to waste it!
I measure out the 4 oz with the bottle and then add it to the bag!

3. Sanitizer Steam Bag

This is what I use to sanitize my Haakaa every morning and her teething toys. I will also occasionally boil the haakaa as well for a big clean.

4. Nipple butter

until 9/30/20

I wish we all didn’t need this but WE DO, and I’m SO glad it exists!
I’ve tried 3 different kinds and my favorite was this organic kind from earth mama.
I liked it because of the consistency, the smell and that you didn’t have to wipe it off before baby feeds (but I did anyway).
I remember choosing which side to feed her on by which was LESS damaged.
I’d recommend buying 2 small containers so you can have one at your breastfeeding spot and the other by your bed, or in the diaper bag etc.

5. Boob pads

Your nipples leak… are you surprised by anything anymore?
One side leaks when baby is feeding on the other, they leak when you put on nipple butter, the leak when you get out of the shower, they leak all night, you get the idea.
I’ve tried two kinds, and bamboobies are soooo comfortable, there is no seam (which is uncomfortable), they’re bigger so they don’t show as much under your shirt and they’re super soft!
However, Bamboobies only give you two pair… I found this bamboo pack that I haven’t tried but they have 7 pair instead of 2 and might be worth trying!

6. Nursing Bra

LIVING20 for 20% off!

This minimalist, thought a nursing bra was something I could go without. But at week 4 I realized I won’t always be quartiniging in my home and someday I’ll go out in public (yes I realize this is dramatic) and I’ll have to be more discreet than I am in my home… aka I’ll have to put a shirt on, and having a nursing bra underneath makes it so much easier!

Also, because I plan on nursing for… a while. I think this is an obvious investment.
90% of the nursing bra recommendations were for Kindred Bravely so that’s who I went with! My favorite is the sublime nursing bra! I love it because it’s a sports bra and 100% something I’ll wear even when I’m done nursing!
They even have a bras that will hold your pumpLook Ma, no hands!

8. Diaper Caddy

Look, we only have 2 arms and we have WAY more than 2 things to carry… I mean one is our baby which leaves us with only one arm for alllllll the things.
Don’t get me wrong this former server could carry 17 things with just my two arms but it’s not safe. I have a diaper caddy like this and it’s AMAZING at the end of the night and in the morning when I need to get the haakaa, the bottles, the diapers, wipes, burp rags, extra outfit, my water bottle, snacks ECT!!!!! Up or down the stairs.

9. Bottle Box

Okay, yes we’re breastfeeding but eventually we’re going to have to get out and do things *gasp* without the baby!
My baby is now 3 months old and has taken a bottle maybe 4 times… who knew baby’s could have a preference in nipple type?! Yes. It’s a thing and Babylist has a Bottle Box with a variety of bottles! I took this off our registry and I wish I’d left it on. It’s a great way to test out different bottles!

My eh, baby products:

1. Breastfeeding pillow

I imagine this pillow is FANTASTIC… for most people. Unless you’re part of the long torso club 🙋‍♀️. However, I can imagine if you have a normal size toros it would be AMAAAAZING!!
Sometimes I uses this pillow other times I just use a regular pillow, blankets, or just my arm. So for me this is hit or miss.

2. Nipple Shields

I did not use these, I honestly don’t know why not. I know lots of moms who did/do and they were able to continue their breastfeeding even when their nipples were hurting!

3. Breast Shells

These are just a No for me. The only reason you might want them is to protect your nips from your shirt. But the way they make your boob shape is WEIRD. I know thats a dumb reason why but when you’re wearing a diaper, have a postpartum belly and have cracked nipples top it off with these and its just terrible. Plus I would forget about them and when I would bend over to pick her up I’d shower her in milk. Na.

That’s it! That’s the round up! I hope you found it helpful!!
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xo Shay

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  1. I am a guy and I learned a lot about breast feeding. I am 70 and I will never use this information, but it is useful to know. I see that this is very important for new mothers. I have never been married or even had a girlfriend. I know Seth appreciates you now even more. I was mugged and I had to change my debit card. I was in your monthly site.


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